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ICAD Testimonials

ICAD Bangkok is Asia’s top congress specializing in aesthetic dermatology, but don’t just take our word for it, see what your peers had to say about their ICAD experience:

The dermatology lectures were great for me. I got new valuable experience, specifically in managing recovery after Dermatology Treatments/procedures.

Ky Keospheak, Dermatologist (Cambodia)

What I enjoyed from ICAD is that I learnt new method of treatments with less side effects and/or downtime to my patients. Excellent experience.

Rith Veasna, Aesthetic Physician (Cambodia)

The Organization Committee did an outstanding job, very professional at every turn. The quality of speakers was excellent, making it a must-attend event.

Dr Van Thai Thi Dieu, Dermatologist  (Vietnam)

The scientific program at ICAD really taught me a lot of new techniques that I can bring home to my practice. It really improved my skills.

Dr. Ith Molika,  Aesthetic & Plastic Surgeon  (Cambodia)

I appreciate how the speakers shared their injection techniques and discussed approach to combined therapies, (including EBDs). Overall, this knowledge will greatly enhance my ability to provide effective treatments for my patients at my clinic.

Nelly Herfina, Dahlan,  Dermatologist  (Indonesia)

At ICAD we are able to keep updated with the latest in aesthetics. Also a good opportunity to listen to all those globally famous speakers. This event expands my knowledge as well as gain new ideas for my career and practice.

Su Thet Zin,  Dermatologist  (Myanmar)

It's great platform for dermatologist all over the world to learn and hang around. Friendly atmosphere and great scientific program.

Amir Javed,  Dermatologist (Pakistan)

It was friendly and amazing environment with high quality live demonstration conducted by master injectors. Thank you!

Nasir khan, Dermatologist  (Pakistan)

ICAD gathers excellent trained doctors which provide insight not only in the latest data but also in the most important topics in terms of patient safety. It gave me a very firm base to build more knowledge on.

Dr Lukas F. Busch, Dermatologist (Germany)

At ICAD Global KOL give lectures and share experience. I learnt a lot of techniques and management of complications. Thank you!

Dr Polen Te, Resident in Dermatologist (Cambodia)

A well organised event. The topics adressed were new and relevant to my practice. The speakers were clear and to the point. Live demonstrations great!

Sana Zaffar, Dermatologist (Pakistan)

ICAD had outstanding speakers from various countries, delivering excellent lectures. My knowledge on aesthetic dermatology got updated significantly.

Dr.Ria Hartanti,  Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Physician  (Indonesia)

ICAD is an excellent aesthetic dermatology congress: sessions solely and intensely focus on aesthetic dermatology, excluding dermatology/plastic surgery topics.

Nixie Ying Woh Kham,  Aesthetic Physician  (Myanmar)

ICAD strives to unite clinicians globally, sharing knowledge and experiences to enhance patient care and create a better healthcare environment.

Sovannvichetra OUK, Plastic Surgeon (Cambodia)

I like how ICAD connects global clinicians, sharing knowledge and experiences to enhance patient care, fostering a better healthcare environment.

Imran Shafi, Dermatologist (Pakistan)

Excellent vibe, great location, friendly staff and most importantly great faculty to learn from their experiences. ICAD is not to be missed!

Dr Kashif Ali, Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Physician (United Kingdom)

The well-timed conference covers presenter topics effectively, offering fruitful insights into practical dermatological approaches and business aspects. Beneficial indeed!

OUK Sovannphoumara,  Dermatologist (Cambodia)

ICAD's impressive live demos delivered desirable, immediate results with utmost professionalism. It influenced my future practice ideas. Hoping to attend and even speak at the next ICAD!

Quoc Bao Tran, Dermatologist  (Vietnam)

Meeting Asian colleagues proved highly useful. Each region has unique specifications, and learning about holistic anti-aging and longevity approaches in Asia intrigued and benefited me!

Tiana Presolska, Aesthetic Physician (Bulgaria)

The best conference ever! Global speakers, excellent management, and top-notch lectures to live demos. Coming back for sure!

Dr Haniya Ahmed, Dental Surgeon (Pakistan)